Grade 5 & 6 Options

Sports Programs

Sports Experience (semester course)

The purpose of the Sports Experience Course is to provide student athletes an opportunity to learn a wide variety of knowledge, skills and attitudes that support the maximization of physical, social, cultural and emotional potential through lifelong, non-traditional sporting endeavours.  Students will have exposure to activities such as Kinball, Ultimate Frisbee, Spikeball, Taekwondo, Zumba, etcThrough a combination of theory and practical exposure, students enrolled in the course will learn about sport development through the study of:

  1. Sport development and technique  
  2. Performance evaluation techniques
  3. Personal and group development through leadership skills and participation


Fine Arts

Visual Arts (semester course)

This course focuses on three major components of visual learning:  Drawing (the way we record visual information and discoveries), Compositions (the way images are created to share meaning) and Encounters (personal responses to visual imagery).  Following the styles of well-known artists, students will have many opportunities to draw, paint ans sculpt using a variety of materials.  The program is further designed to allow students to be creative, to develop skills and knowledge, and to develop appreciation and respect for the artistic efforts of others. 



Media Arts (semester course)

Students in Media learn to use all the different aspects of computers as used in today’s multimedia environment.  Emphasis will be placed on: Graphic Arts—Students will work with several graphic arts programs to develop their own computer art and to manipulate existing art to different media designs and functions.  Video Making—Students will learn the aspects of video development and creation by developing their own video from beginning to end.  Simple Animation—Simple animations will be created using freely available software.

Coding (semester course)

This option will introduce coding to our students.  Coding enables our students to think critically and develop their problem-solving skills.  Using their computing devices, students will learn how to program Sphero robots to do a variety of different tasks.  Students will also be learning to code using the Scratch program to create their own games, animations and stories.


Foods (semester course)

Healthy Eating (semester course)

Students will learn to make healthy decisions when it comes to food choices. They will familiarize themselves with the Canadian Food Guide and discover how to transform and prepare some of their favorite recipes into a healthier version.  The students will also learn about safety around the kitchen and they will have the opportunity to further develop their cooking skills.


Fine Arts (Grade 6 only)


Musical Drama (Grade 6 only semester course)

Students in Musical Drama prepare a play for the Spring Musical. All students will have a role in the play (some with more lines than others) and will take part in dancing, singing, building, painting and putting together the set. Students choosing this option need to be committed, wanting to act, dance and sing in front of a large audience and attend school on a regular basis.  

Painting (Grade 6 only semester course)

Students complete several fun projects throughout the school year that will develop and improve their drawing and painting skills. They will experiment with several different media throughout the course including acrylics, water color paints, oils and chalk pastels, color pencils, and markers. They will also use different types of drawing paper and canvas.

Beginner Band (Grade 6 only Semester 1)

The Instrumental Music Program is a program designed as a sequential and developmental approach to music instruction within a concert band environment.

Beginner Band Continued (Grade 6 only Semester 2)

This option is a continuation of the Beginner Band option listed above.  Students who choose Beginner Band Continued must have completed Beginner Band during the first semester.


*All options run based on enrollment