How to Report a Student Absence




Here are some easy instructions on "How to Report a Student Absence".


Submitting Upcoming Absences - PowerSchool


Please note: We do not subscribe to the APP, you must use the website


When you log into your parent portal account, a list of all the students currently attached to your account will be listed across the top of the screen.


After choosing a student, the very first option on the left is the ability to enter/review upcoming absences.


When you click this link, a list of absences entered by parent accounts for the past 30 days will be shown. (This list does not include days when a student was absent but the absence was not entered by the parent - only absences entered through this system are displayed.)


After clicking the link, you can then choose whether to enter a single day or multi-day absence.


To enter an absence, provide the appropriate information for the following questions:

  • The date of the absence (or the start/end date for a multi day absence).
  • The reason for the absence (Flu-like Symptoms, Other Illness or Parental Excused).
  • The absence type (Full Day, Late Arrival, Early Departure, Leave and Return).
    • Note: If you choose a partial day absence, you will also be asked to provide an approximate arrival and/or departure time.
  • A box for comments is available if you have further information you wish to share.



Early Pick Up

If you need to pick your child early for an appointment, please arrive 5 minutes early to allow time for the child to be called out of class. All students must check out at the office and exit through the front door.


Our Elk Island Catholic Schools IT department is continuing to work on implementing additional features, so keep an eye out in our Smores for future updates!