Student Registration

For information on how to register and for boundary maps, please click here

Please have a copy of your child’s Birth Certificate and other paperwork ready when you begin, as they are required to process the registration. They can be scanned as a PDF document by a scanner or by a phone, then uploaded as part of the registration. A copy of the Baptismal Certificate to assist us in programming is also appreciated.

Paper copies of forms can be downloaded from the list below, along with supplemental information regarding the student's registration.


Annual Field Trip Consent Form - Low Risk (from AP260)

EICS Annual Student FOIPP Consent Form

EICS Locker Use Agreement

EICS One-to-One User Agreement

Letter to Parents explaining FOIPP and the need for Consent

Registration Letter to Parents and Guardians.

September 2014 - Vaccination information from AB Health Chief Medical Officer

Student Responsible Use Agreement for Technology

Student Registration Information Guidelines

When you have completed the required registration forms, please submit them directly to the school. During the summer months when schools are closed, you may submit forms to:

EICS Central Learning Services
310 Broadview Blvd, Sherwood Park, AB. 
Fax: 780-467-5469 Phone: 780-449-6440