School Tour



Our newly renovated library has been updated to a 21st century Learning Commons! This space is well equipped with both French and English books and resources. Both children and parents are welcome to borrow items from the school library.

The library is also used during lunch hours as a makerspace where kids are free to tinker and create using a variety of tools, such as 3D doodler pens, Sphero robots, and more!  The library space is also used during some lunch hours for the students to play board games.  We also have a library club that helps our library technician keep everything organized and running smoothly!


Foods & Construction Labs

Our brand new Foods and Construction labs provide an excellent space for students to explore a number of different career paths during their CTF courses.  Our Foods lab has over 5 separate kitchen spaces for students to create mouth-watering masterpieces from and our Construction lab has state-of-the-art woodworking tools and technolgoy.