Support Services

The counselling program at  École OLPH is a multidisciplinary program that involves all members of the school staff in partnership with the home and community.

The program is designed for all students and focuses on educational, personal/social and career growth. It is designed to meet student needs that have been identified by members of the staff and community during our bi-annual Counselling Advisory Committee meetings.

The Counselling Advisory Committee consists of 4 to 5 members including administration, teachers, the counsellor, the Student Services Facilitator, Educational Assistants, staff from Family and Community Services and an RCMP when available.  This committee assesses the needs of our students, identifies programs to fit those needs and evaluates the effectiveness of these programs.

A brief summary of programs which have been implemented to meet our students needs are as follows:

Grade 5 to 8: Safe and Caring School Program & Motivational Assemblies

Grade 8: Peer Partners/Mentorship Program

Grade 5

Healthy Relationships

Grade 6

DARE Program

Study Skills Workshop


Grade 7 

Friendship Skills

Cooperative Games

Alcohol & Advertizing

Grade 8 

S.O.S. Program

OLPH continues to follow the Safe and Caring school curriculum.  Our theme for the year is '' We Are One Body in Christ".  If you are interested see: 

Conseil d'élèves d'O.L.P.H.

This committee is comprised of interested and motivated grade 5 to 8 students.  These students will represent the student body and will work together to plan varied social, cultural, musical, academic and physical activities throughout the school year. They will plan these events under the guidance of the Assitant Principal and a teacher.  This initiative was created in order to promote our catholic faith and values, as well as to create an awareness of Social Justice in our students. The creation of the Conseil d'élèves  also aims to increase our students' engagement at our school and to give students an opportunity to develop their leadership skills.